I wanted to expand on my impressions of the Apple desktop app store today. I did end up purchasing the new version of iPhoto. I really wanted to buy aperture but I just couldn't justify the $80. What I am happy about is that I was able to buy iPhoto without having to buy the entire iLife package. At $15.99 it was just an easier pill to swallow. Once I installed it on my MacBook I was curious to see whether Apple would allow me to install it on any other computers. I went downstairs and logged into the Mac Mini at my entertainment center and applied the update. Once it was finished I fired up the App Store, logged in with my Apple ID, and check out the UI. I was happy to see that on the purchases screen iPhoto was listed with an install option. I was able to install iPhoto on my mac mini with no issues. At that point I updated my wife's MacBook ran the app store and was able to install iPhoto there as well. I thought $15.99 with a pretty good price just to get iPhoto on my MacBook. Being able to install it on all of the Macs in the house makes it a really great deal. Like I said before, good job Apple. I think this is going to be huge home run for you.