I jumped onto my iPad this morning as I usually do in the ritual to start my day. What I noticed was that there were a large number of app updates and many times that signals a larger update from Apple as they push out their newest code. I fired up Software Update on my Macbook and there it was - Mac OSX 10.6.6 with the new app store.

I've heard pundits talk about the coming app store and the fear of the Apple walled garden. I don't want to comment on that this morning. What I want to mention is my intense desire to buy software from the app store that I have been considering for a while. When I fired it up I saw that I could get the new iPhoto without buying all of iLife and that drew my eye to Aperture 3. I've been on the verge of spending $80 all morning that I was not considering spending until I looked at the app store.

Whether or not you agree with Apples move to place an app store in the OS the simple fact that it is on your desktop and so easy to access is going to be a huge win for Apple.