Harpoon IPA - draught @ Sir Edmund Halley's

Right off the top this is a good, drinkable IPA. It's not very strong which leads to the drinkability. The hop of an IPA is where the heart is. This one is light on the hop for an IPA but the balance between bittering and aromatic/flavoring hops is really nice. An exceptional IPA to me is a strong one with a good balance on the sweet of the malt and the spice of the hop. This one lacks the malty sweet dimension but I can appreciate it because the hop is really enjoyable. You can tell that the brewer did not just ramp up the bittering hop so they could call this an IPA. The dimension of the hop flavor while not strong is very enjoyable and drinkable enough that I could grow back a few of these with no problem. If you really don't like IPAs then this may not be for you but if you are trying to break in to IPAs this is a good one to hit.