I find myself compelled to blog lately. Is it a newfound need to write bubbling up from the right side of my brain? Sadly I don't think my inspiration is that pure. I think it is simply my desire to find new ways to use my iPad.

For instance, The previous three sentences were the most I could bring myself to write in a single sitting. At this moment I find myself awake at the week hours with a baby that won't sleep and again I write. You may see this as a self defeating thought process. It may sound to you as if I have no intention of keeping this up. You may be wrong but you may be right. Ah well, I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain from capturing my thoughts. I will try to do it in a cohesive manner with proper sentence structure and thoughtfully constructed ideas. Will anyone be compelled to read it? Perhaps not and perhaps I don't even care or perhaps my writing is simply more for myself and less for any potential reader. Then again if that were the case would I post it online for the world to see?

Well here it is, one simple blog entry that is nothing more that a commentary on my intent to do more or lack thereof. If my goal is an engaging narrative then I think I have failed this time. Sorry. Perhaps next time. If you are a reader of this entry on my blog then you know more about my state of mind than I do upon writing this. I'm not even sure I feel compelled to post it.