I recently received one of those rebate Visa cards for a purchase I made at Verizon. As if the rebate process wasn't painful enough. Now they send me a stand alone credit card that I have to keep up with. I also have to figure out how to spend it without leaving $0.50 on the account that I forget about and hand back to the credit card company.

I'm an Amazon fanboy. I admit it. I'm a Prime member and I have a nice long wish list of things I want to buy. My top item was a new 1 TB hard drive for my Drobo. What I wanted to do was use up my Visa rebate card and then pay for the remaining balance with my Amazon gift card balance. After attempting the transaction and calling Amazon support I found that split payments were not supported the way I wanted to do it. They would use up my gift card balance and then charge the Visa. If I let that happen I end up with a lower balance on the card and that is what I was trying to avoid. Then it hit me. Why not send myself another Amazon gift card with the balance of my rebate Visa? Once I purchased an email gift card and received the email I was able to apply the gift card balance to my Amazon account. Now I was able to apply my gift card balance to the purchase of the hard drive and end up with an Amazon balance that I know I will not forget about.

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