Last night I had to pour out 10 gallons of homemade beer. @restill I know you feel my pain.

I have had a run of bad luck lately with my homebrew. I made two batches of beer from recipes that I have used before. The first was a Hefeweizen. When the beer was ready to taste in the keg it came out with a woody, sour flavor that was not good. I couldn't figure it out. Soon after that I made a German Altbeir. It came out of the secondary fermenter with the same exact character. To top it off I actually made a good batch of beer from a Stout recipe. I added cherries for a sour cherry stout. It seems that I did not let it finish fermenting because 3 of the bottle have exploded on me and the ones that I open start spewing foam. Too much carbonation.

I took samples of my brews to the local brew store to get an expert opinion. One of them tasted the Hef and said "That's infected!" They were not sure on the Alt but right now my theory is that both were infected. The German Alt just wasn't so bad.

Unfortunately I just couldn't drink the beer so I poured both kegs, and a few of my tears, down the drain.

I'm not letting this discourage me though. I have a recipe of a Boston Stock Ale that I will be putting together soon.


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