I've been doing some serious brewing lately. I'm pretty happy with my beer corner so I thought I would share.

What you see here are 4 batches of beer in various stages of readiness.

Starting from the bottom you see the white bucket with the German Hefe-Weizen. I brewed it about a week ago and it is finishing up its time in the primary fermenter. Beside that is a Cornelius keg with a batch of Irish Red that I kegged last night. It will sit for about 2 weeks while it naturally carbonates. Above that you can see the bottles of a batch of Dead Dude Ale. This one is ready for drinking and I have had a few. I've had trouble getting it to carbonate but it is coming along nicely now. I think it is drinkable now but might benefit from a few more days of carbonation. Finally @ the top you see the batch I brewed last night. This is a German Altbier. This is the first time I have used the 5 gal. carboy as the primary fermenter with a blow off tube. You can see from the color of the tube that it is already doing a nice job of pushing some of the gunk out. I also used a yeast starter for the first time on this batch and I have to say that I am really happy with the results. It helped the beer move to vigorous fermenting activity within hours.

Also, not pictured here, I have a keg of an IPA that I made in my outside fridge. With the oak in the recipe it needed a little bit of time to mature but it is really good @ this stage I believe. Come on by and have one! ;)

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