I've had an Amazon Kindle for a few weeks now but I've just recently begun to really put it through its paces. I wanted to finish a paper book that I had been working on and I didn't want to spend the money on a digital copy. I finished that book about a week ago and I downloaded a couple of books from one of my favorite fantasy authors, Terry Brooks. This was all in preperation for our Alaskan cruise. As I type I am in a hotel in Seatac near Seattle preparing to head to the ship.

I wanted to through out a couple of thoughts on my Kindle travel experience though.

1. I didn't think about the fact that I wouldn't be able to read until after we were in the air. Since it is an electronic device I had to turn it off.

2. The size of this thing is GREAT for travel. We were dealing with my 15 month old daughter on the flight (not fun by the way). At one point my daughter was asleep on my lap pinning one of my arms and I could still read, and turn pages with my Kindle resting comfortably in the other hand.

3. The Kindle fit well into the seat pouch in front of me when I wasn't using it.

Bottom line, Kindle is GREAT for travel. I want to do a more thurough review later but these are my thoughts for now.

Time to head to the cruise ship! Soooo excited!
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