Here it is! The beer is in the keg and attached to the gas. You can see from this picture that I have an extra fridge that I use just for holding my kegs.

Actually, I tried something a bit different today. I applied "heavy" gas (about 30 psi) and rolled the keg to get the CO2 well mixed in the keg before placing it in the fridge. Usually I only do this for quick, forced carbonation of a batch when I need to get it ready to drink quickly. Lately I have noticed that it has taken a little longer than I would like for my beer to carbonate in the fridge though so I'm hoping this will help to jump start it. I'll let you know.

OK, I think this is my last post for the night. Thanks for following me on my homebrew adventure. I'll get back to you midweek when I get a chance to taste this batch.
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