Sorry that this is late. I've been trying to get to it but life kept getting in the way. Any-who! It is interesting when the 12 of 12 falls on a work day. I'm always hoping that there will actually be enough interesting shots in the day to fill the project. This day proved to lend itself pretty well to photo opportunities. My day started with a little precious quality time with one of my most favorite girls in the world, my daughter Eden. Eden My wife usually stays home and watches our daughter and a friend's daughter during the week but this week she had a class to teach so she needed some time to get ready to work in the morning. That gave me some time to hang out with Eden and read her one of her favorite books. Personal Penguin Once Jenna was ready for the day I headed out for work and realized at the last minute that it was trash day so I had to push the trash can and recycling to the road. For some reason I decided to take a picture of it as I left for work. It does give you a glimpse @ our house in case you haven't seen it before. Trash Day After the morning at work my ladies decided to come and have coffee with me @ my office. I decided to give Eden a tour of the building and introduce her to some of my team members. Unfortunately security is tight on my building so Jenna couldn't come. It was just me and Eden. We took a minute to snap a picture at my desk before heading back down to join Jenna @ the coffee shop. Eden @ Work As the day wore on I realized that my laptop needed to be rebooted. I brought up task manager and realized that my page file was almost up to 1 Gig. Check out the graph as I closed applications to release some memory. Page File Finally, as I left work for the day I took a picture at the stop light leaving my parking garage. You can see the out of focus silhouette of the mount for my GPSMap60 CSx and a large Charlotte cemetery in the distance. There is a great virtual cache in this cemetery by the way. :) Leaving Work Once I got home I spent a little time reconfiguring my newly purchased Time Capsule. I've been working with it for about a week and I've had some connection issues that I am trying to work through. I decided to move the Time capsule closer to the stair case to see if I could get a better signal to some of my wireless devices downstairs. I didn't want to put it on the floor but I'm in troubleshooting mode so I am trying many different things. (it didn't help BTW). Time Capsule Now, one interesting thing is that this 12 of 12 fell on a Wednesday. Lately that has become my night of solitude. Now that we have a new addition to our family we have learned that it is good to set aside some time during the week for ourselves. Wednesday night is my night. One thing that I have wanted to play with is photography of the Charlotte sky line. There are some nice vantage points that I would like to shoot from. This was my very first attempt from an overpass near our house. Charlotte I found a couple of photo ops on the way back to the car. The first is a random sticker on a street sign for a bar that recently hosted a play produced by a friend of mine from college. I actually set up a system to broadcast the show live over the Internet. Milestone I also thought that some of you out there might be interested in the current real estate market here in Charlotte. Here is a sign for condos that have been planned within a mile of my house. This is about 5 minutes outside of downtown Charlotte just to give you some perspective. Condos Finally I headed to a local pub with free WiFi to enjoy a brew and do some personal work online. Sir Ed I finished the night with a couple of drinks and my Macbook, an altogether pleasant ending to a great day. Jerm with a Brew Hope your 12th was great as well!