I decided to do my 12 of 12 this month as inspired by the original 12 of 12 concept, as a blog entry. This is a unique one for me. I find myself baching it this weekend. My wife and daughter are out of town so I have been alone for the majority of the weekend. With this freedom came the ability to relax a bit but mostly to get some domestic work done without interruption. See below for a quick before and after shot as I clean up the den (aka. baby play room). Messy Den

Clean Den Once I felt better about the state of living quarters I buckled down for my next big task, family finances. Much of the day was spent @ the kitchen table in front of Quicken 2005 (running on Windows XP through VMWare on the Mac I might add) with a stack of mail next to me. Work Space Once my head was properly swimming with numbers I decided to get out of the house for another task as well as a little fun. I headed down to south Charlotte to look for a cache with a special travel bug in it. You see, our caching team name is The Bottlecaps. Well, one of the local cachers sent me a message that we may be interested in this travel bug since it was a collection of bottle caps. I couldn't pass up that opportunity so I headed out to make the find. I was just hoping that someone didn't beat me to the punch. Check the pictures below for the results. It was a beautiful day and nice park right on the lake. View Near the Cache The Cache

Bottle Cap TB There were a ton of ducks hanging out in a cove right on the lake. I tried to get a picture of them as I left the park but I couldn't find a great angle. Ducks After this cache it was time to be responsible and do some shopping. I hit up PetSmart for some cat food @ litter and what do you know? There was a cache less than 0.1 of a mile from the store. :) Greenway Cache Next it was time for some lunch and a trip to Lowes for a screw to hold our shower faucet together. When we had the bathroom remodeled our contractor lost a screw that has held the lever together for turning the water on & off. Now we can take a shower without worrying about our faucet falling apart. It's the little things in life that make all the difference. :) The next shot is a reflection of the music I listened to throughout the day. For some reason I can be a real sucker for 80's rock ballads. Hence, part of the name of this post. I did something that I know would make some cringe but I really enjoyed it. I cranked up Pandora, created a Chicago station, and let the music roll all day. You probably can't see it from the size of this picture but @ the time of this shot my station was featuring Air Supply, REO Speedwagon, & Foreigner. Go 80's!!! Pandora My last task of the day was to work on taking down Christmas. It is always sad when the tree has to go... Goodbye Christmas To make the chore a little more pleasant I decided to build a fire. I love the feel of a fire on a cool evening. Cozy Fire After a day of domestic tasks I decided to end the day by relaxing with an action flick. You can see from the pic that I decided to go with the latest Die Hard movie from Netflix. Over all it was a nice end to a busy Saturday. Live Free or Die Hard