I just have to take a minute to say that I am really greatful for my family. I'm not just talking about Jenna and Eden. I'm not just talking about my blood relatives. I'm talking about my entire family. It has grown in the past five years and it continues to grow becoming more wonderful all the time. Next year I even get a new brother! :) I'm very excited about that. Actually though, what has prompted this post has been the overwhelming support that I have received after the violation of having my computer stolen right out of my car on Saturday. Thankfully my insurance coverage is helping ot soften the blow but my family has stepped in to help where Insurance has fallen short. Thanks to their generosity my deductible out-of-pocket has been cut in half. Times are a bit tight with the birth of a baby and this really helps me realize what wonderful love and support I have. I know that no matter what comes my way my family will be there for me. Thanks guys. You rock! ;)