Look @ me placing a standard, all text post! It occured to me that I should still make myself post standard blog entries, especially if I want the content to be searchable. My Utterz won't be indexed for search since they are audio posts. I should try to remember to place the high points in the Utterz text for search and indexing purposes. Anywho. The post I wanted to place is related to an elementary homebrewing problem that I solved yesterday. We brewed a holiday batch to share with the family @ Christmas. Once we placed the batch in our new keg I applied about 28 psi of CO2 to start the carbonation process. After 3 days I tested the beer and it was all foam and flat. I applied the CO2 and gave it another couple of days. On the day I was leaving to travel to family Christmas I tried it again. Still foam and flat. I was getting worried that the beer would not be good for Christmas so I jumped online to do some quick research. The smoking gun that I found was that beer needs to be chilled to take and hold carbonation. Armed with that research I packed up & headed down to the Christmas gathering. Once I arrived one of my first tasks was to get a few bags of ice and take a crack @ the beer again. I decided to attempt the emergency carbonation process that I read about since I wanted the beer to be drinkable right away. After it had been on ice for around an hour on 29 psi of CO2 again, I took it out of the ice and proceeded to roll and shake the keg to distribute the CO2. I could hear it bubbling away so I felt good that it was working. After 5 to 10 minutes the bubbling began to subside so I placed the keg back on ice. I was a little nervous but I grabbed a cup and pulled out some beer. I disposed of the first bit of beer to clear sediment and beer left in the line but then the next glass was cold, carbonated, and delicious! I was very pleased that the beer was now ready to share. Now I can take it to the lodge and share with the family. I hope this little tip helps someone else. Time to track Santa for the little ones. :-) Merry Christmas!