So, the day started out nice. If you watch my Twitter feed you will already know that my MacBook was stolen yesterday. After Eden's nap we headed out for a day of adventure Daddy/Daughter style. Our first stop was a new Geocache that had just been published. In the world of cachers it is a big deal to be the first person to find a new cache. That honor is aptly named - First to Find. Geared up (literally & figuratively) for the day we hit the road and headed to Freedom Park. I parked near the entrance to the park since this put us close to the cache. Now, those of you with experience moving an 8 month old baby around know what a production it can be from strollers, to pacifiers. In this case I was also dealing with my Geocaching gear (GPS, Pocket PC, Geocaching bag). Armed with all of our stuff we hit the trail. Here is where I made my fatal error. I forgot to lock the car which had a nice inCase laptop bag containing my brand new 2.2 Gig Macbook with 4 Gigs of RAM in the floor board behind the passenger's seat. The good news is that we got the FTF (First to Find). The prize was a $2 bill. The bad news is that my laptop bag was gone with the Schwinn. As I packed up I noticed that it was not where I expected it to be. I scrambled hoping my absent mindedness had struck again and that I had left it @ home, maybe even out in the yard near the car where I was packing up. I just couldn't believe that in the 15 minutes I was away from the car in such a nice part of town someone opened up my car to see what they could steal. I had to believe it though. I raced home to find that the laptop was not their either. I knew it wasn't. I packed it in the car. I was just not willing to accept that this had happened to me. To make a long story short (I know, too late). I submitted a Police report online and talked to my Insurance agent. The laptop is covered (minus a hefty deductible) thank goodness. I now have an unopened new MacBook sitting in front of me. I've spent the last day frantically changing passwords and making sure that I limit any access to someone who places the stolen computer online. Now that I feel good about my data security I can start setting up my computer again. It's just a pain because I set this all up so recently. It just amazes me that people hold such little respect for their fellow man. I also have to remember that it is just a computer. It's just a thing. Me and my family are all safe. That is what truly matters. Now I can just pray for a battery meltdown on the stolen computer.