Donald Trump Mocked a Disabled Reporter and that is a Fact

The claims that Donald Trump did not mock the reporter's disability are ridiculous. I'll even give you that he wasn't mocking him from a standpoint of "This guy looks dumb because his hand is weird so I'm going to make fun of him." 

The problem here is that Trump claims he didn't mock the reporter. If you watch the video you can see that is plainly not true. 

We can quibble about whether he was actually mocking the disability or whether he was mocking the man. However, I submit that it doesn't even matter. He mocked him. He made fun of him. He was performing to show a caricature of a person he disagreed with. Those are the schoolyard tactics of a bully. and Trump shows this trait over and over. 

The fact that people can see someone acting this way and say "Yea, I think he would be a good leader for our country!" is beyond me. Yet here we are.